Anti-M is studio band currently based in Bend, Oregon. The musicians are influenced by many genres including progressive rock, electronica, 80's pop, gothic, symphonic rock and metal. Each album features returning members as well as guest musicians including Ronnie Montrose, who played on the bands second album, Positively Negative. Founding members include Ruston (vocals, keyboards) John "Wedge" Wardlaw (keyboards, programming, vocals and occasional guitar) and Mark Rumer (keyboards and programming).

no waves in hell The trio of Keyboardists, Wedge, Ruston and Mark, along with Portland guitarist Steve Weber, set out to record what was intended to be their only album, a Zappa-esque concept album, No Waves in Hell (1992). A series of music videos were made to accompany the dark but humorous story. Ruston's David Bowie / Peter Murphy style vocals along with synth heavy melodramitic production gave the band it's signature darkwave sound.

positively negative Positively Negative (1995) got it's title from the upbeat (Positive) music, written by Ruston, and the dark (Negative) lyrics written by Wedge. The retro sounding album featured several guest musicians including Barbara, who would later sing most of the vocals on the albums Damage and Pieces. Guitarist Ronnie Montrose plays on 6 tracks on the remastered version. This was the last album to feature Mark and Steve.

Anti-m damage After a long hiatus, Ruston and Wedge started writing new material. Wedge had become influenced by the bands Garbage, Evanescence, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil and Within Tempation. Jon Moseley (guitar) joined the band and Barbara was asked to sing most of the songs. Damage (2008) saw a change in style with heavier guitars and a darker sound. It has been described as more gothic or darkwave.

Anti-m damage Pieces continues with the style of Damage. Ruston was not interested in doing an album of cover songs so it is the first Anti-M album to have no male vocals. The album features Jon Moseley and Todd Simpson on guitar and Barbara sings on the first four tracks. Guest vocalists include Dru Allen (Mercury's Antennae & Mirabilis) Summer Bowman (Mirabilis) and Alexa (Alexathevoice on facebook). The band covers Depeche Mode, The Gathering, Delain, King Crimson, Garbage, Til Tuesday, Berlin and Fur Patrol (New Zealand / Australia band). Wedge was the only founding member to perform on the album.

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