image of anti-m album cover Pieces by Ora Tamir
Cover art "Longing" by Ora Tamir

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Electronic sounds and dynamic keys, floating vocals, and driving guitar provide Anti-M with the arsenal to deliver the most DAMAGE.
-Ron Ingalla at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

Watch the video for Let U In (Video Version Mix)


Like many of the great female-fronted goth-related bands..., we are treated with a few sweet ethereal ballad-like masterpieces.
-Gothic Paradise

The musicianship throughout is amazing, from Barbara's ethereal voice, the nearly Satriani-esque guitar solos to the excellent, crystal clear production.
-Rough Edge

"Into The Rain" being the best song from the latter half of the album. It's a soulful guitar-driven ballad, slightly reminiscent of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters", with a strong, expansive solo from Jon...The most distinctive thing about Damage, from a rock/metal perspective, is the voice of Barbara. She can easilty hold her ground with such notable metal maidens as Lotta Höglin (Beseech), Anette Blyckert (Nightwish), and Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes, Theatre of Tragedy)
-Harvest Moom Music

If I was to make comparisons, let's mix The Gathering and Pink Floyd, throw in a little Within Temptation and mix it up a bit. Then add a little electronica, and away we go. The vocals are shared between Barbara Mosely, Ruston and John Wardlaw. This is not metal, but it is
-Ravenheart Music

For Damage Lyrics Click Here

Cover Painting "Puzzled" by Ora Tamir


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