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Ronnie Montrose Isolated Guitar Tracks

Security with Ronnie Montrose isolated guitar tracks.
This was the first song Ronnie recorded with us. He asked “what kind of guitar work are you looking for” and I (Wedge) said “I don’t want to tell you what to play. I just want you to put your style on it. Whatever feels right.” Ronnie said “Perfect”. So he recorded his first pass through the song and asked us “What did you think”. I said “that was fantastic”. Ronnie smiled and said “Great! Let’s do it again, I can do better”. A few takes later he had a take he was happy with and of course so were we!
Music:(R. Slager BMI)



Lonely with Ronnie Montrose Isolated guitar tracks.
I mentioned to Ronnie I thought slide guitar would sound really great on this song. He said “Great, I was thinking that too. How many tracks can I have?”. I told him he could have two tracks if he recorded over my guitar track which followed the vocal melody. I was surprised when he said “No, I like your guitar track. What about at the end of the song?” He really wanted to layer his slide guitar and I didn’t play that far into the song so we were able to give him two tracks for the long instrumental.
Music:(R. Slager/J.Wardlaw BMI).



Iniki with Ronnie Montrose Isolated guitar tracks
Ronnie and I discussed the nature of the song being about hurricane Iniki, that devastated Kauai in 1992. The song builds like a storm. This is followed by the eye of the storm (Ronnie played on Eye of the Storm with Edgar Winter album) followed by the more powerful and devastating second half of the hurricane. Ronnie played lead fills in the first part, slide for the eye and power chords with solos for the return of the storm. When he hit the harmonics during the eye of the storm he looked up and me and we both grinned. He knew the take was a good one.
Music: J. Wardlaw BMI



Television with Ronnie Montrose Isolated guitar tracks
This was the last song Ronnie recorded during our session. He said the song had funny lyrics and a lighter feel and didn’t justify filling it with powerful solos. So he asked us if he could just do a bit of free form improv on a few takes and see where it goes. His performance was nothing like anything I expected but I really like what it did to the song. This was the second song where I offered him my guitar track for overdubs. Again he said he liked what I did and said “you play guitar like a keyboard player” (which I am). I expect this had to do with my guitar on this song being limited to long sustained notes.
Music: R.Slager BMI


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